The Theater Group "fraMENTI diVERSI - perchè chi fa teatro è Felice" was born in 2013 as a result of 'experience lived together in a two-year course of Theatre-therapy.
The Group (open and currently consists of 10 members) is made up of very different people, but all linked by an invisible thread: the passion for the theater and the desire to get involved to promote their well-being.
Following this purpose, the Group sets up shows and various types of performances, meeting on Thursday evening at the Sala del Cinema Garibaldi in Scarperia (run by Arzach).

Anyone interested in participating, join the group or just know can call the following numbers:
Rita 3491354752
Iole 3383266142

The Theatre Group "fraMenti diVersi" has created many shows / performances:

"Giù la maschera" - show of theater-at Cinema Teatro Garibaldi, Scarperia, June 2013
"Basta con la routine, voglio ballare!" - Performance of Theatre / Dance in collaboration with TangoMugello, at the Art Exhibition "Reflections, Lights, Shadows", Galliano, June 2014
"Masetto da Lamporecchio" - show loosely inspired by Boccaccio's novella, Giornata Rinascimentale di Scarperia, September 2014
"Via Pa'Strano O" - play written by Iole Spinnato, Cinema Teatro Garibaldi, Scarperia, April 2015
"Acqua" - expressive performances at the Art Exhibition "Water", Galliano, June 2015
"L'Ammmore dall'origine: da Adamo & Eva a Masetto" Giornata Rinascimentale di Scarperia, September 2015
"Via Pa'Strano O" - play written by Iole Spinnato, Teatro Giotto, Vicchio, October 2015


Gruppo Teatrale "fraMenti diVersi"
Sala del Cinema Garibaldi a Scarperia

cell: Rita 3491354752
         Iole 3383266142

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